Canine Car and Alice is a lifesaver!

What a terrific find! In the middle of this frigid, wet and sloppy winter, Alice of Canine Car was there promptly to go to the vet, waited as promised and even had treats on board for pets whose owners allowed them. She was very pleasant, clearly loves pets and a lifesaver. I was happy to know she works 24/7 and is available for emergencies at all hours. Thank you Canine Car!

Genuinely cares about me and my dog

Alice has been a life saver since my dog got injured! My dog is going through physical therapy so we have a lot of appointments and it's been a huge relief having someone I can trust to get us around. here are some things I've noticed/ experienced:

- last minute appointments- it definitely helps to schedule in advance, but she been really accommodating when I've had to call last minute to get a ride

- realistic expectations- in my experience, a lot of other pet taxis I've used will tell you they can be there in 5-10 minutes when it actually takes them 30 minutes, if it's going to take 30 then that's what Alice tells you it will take

- always arrives early or on time: I'm never stuck just waiting around

- genuinely cares about her customers (2 legged and 4 legged ones): I thought it was adorable when she took a photo of my pup when I got in for her contact list, offered her treats, and really tried to help keep her calm

- great follow up: my appointments can be a little irregular, but Alice always double checks with me if I need a ride when I forget to call her which has been really helpful when I'm being a little scatter brained ha

Overall, this service has exceeded my expectations

Emergency trip to Animal Medical Center



I was in a real jam today. I had to get my 50-pound pit-mix from the Upper Westside to Midtown East for an emergency visit to the Animal Medical Center. After being refused by several yellow cabs, I was referred to Canine Car.

Alice was able to pick me up on short notice and I think you would have a hard time beating the price.  She is lovely, not only professional but extremely comforting during the drive. 

Alice helped to make what a very stressful day a little bit better.  My pup's going to be ok and I look forward to using her services under better circumstances.

  • Heather H., New York, NY
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I'll trust Alice with my dog anytime

Alice was absolutely wonderful! We recently adopted a very large dog last minute and called Canine Car and Alice squeezed us right in! She even showed up a little early to make sure we weren't standing in the rain in the case we finished the adoption process early (the adoption center was very small). Her car was a clean and new SUV with cookies on hand for our new family member. She hopped out to take a new family photo as well. 

It's really obvious that Alice loves what she does and dogs of all sizes. She's an EXTREMELY safe driver and I'd trust her with my dog anytime. We very much look forward to using her services again in the near future!

  • Ryan T., Manhattan, NY
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Pet transport needs? Go ask Alice.

Pet transport needs? Go ask Alice. This review is long overdue. Alice is first and foremost, an animal lover. You may get the chance to see her adorable dancing Bichon as her co-pilot, if accompanying her on your ride. Alice is super dependable and navigates with skill through the city streets. She is so customer-service oriented, she will put your cell number in her phone along with a picture of your pet, so when you call, she knows exactly who you and your pet are. That's a rare level of service these days. Even if I accidently butt-dial, she calls right back. As good as it gets for those times when you need a pet taxi. Canine Car was invaluable when my 40 pound dog needed knee surgery.

  • Samara L., New York, NY
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We are blessed to have found Alice and Canine Car

Heard about Canine Car through the “5 Star” reviews of other yelpers.. My wife and I felt in was a no lose situation to trust Alice/Canine Car with our much needed ride to our new apartment in Morningside Heights.. We emailed Alice for a quote from LaGuardia Airport to our apartment.. She responded promptly with a phone call to gather even more details.. She quoted us a month in advance $95 plus any applicable tolls on the way.. She booked us for the appointment once I had confirmed when we would be ready for a pick up and stayed in touch over the month. I called to confirm the night before taking off and also kept in touch through text message am to give updates on our flight statuses through connections from California to New York. Once we arrived, Alice quickly located us and had plenty of room for Tyrion (our 1 year old male Cocker Spaniel), 4 full sized checked luggage bags, 2 stuffed carry-ons, my wife, and myself.. We took off and seemed to be at our location within 20 minutes even with 2 police traffic detours.. Alice was VERY welcoming, caring, and professional with Tyrion and ourselves.. While stuck at traffic lights she would turn and talk to Tyrion to cheer him up after such a long cooped up flight in his crate. She would even give him treats to enjoy.. Once we arrived, we were just going to unload and my wife was going to grab our new keys from a place around the block. Alice caught on to our conversation and stuck with us, driving us around until we could locate where to pick up our apartment keys, which took another 30 minutes… She was AWESOME for that!!!! I would have been standing out in the rain waiting for my wife to return with the keys for that 30 minutes or more.. Even after all that the total was only $110 with a $15 toll added to the original quote of $95.. Canine Car is the best in New York!!!!! We looked everywhere before we moved and we are blessed to have found Alice and Canine Car!!!!!
Shaun P. – Riverside, CA

My Go-to Car Service and Dog Watcher

Canine Car is my go to car service and dog watcher – I have a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Jack Russell Terrier as well as a parrot.  They are always very excited when I tell them that “Aunt” Alice is coming to fursit them.  We live in NJ so she sleeps at our house, feeds, plays and walks them at night and in the morning and then goes to work and does it all again for as many days as we need her to.  She is trustworthy and reliable and I don’t know what we would do without her!
Amy S. – Maplewood, NJ

True Love for Animals

I do volunteer work for a well known animal shelter and had the privilege of having Alice pick me up at a television station and return me to the shelter with precious cargo – 2 miniature poodles.  Not only was Alice reliable – getting to both locations early but, she has a true love for animals which is immediately apparent.  I have used other pet chauffeurs but really feel that Alice is the genuine item.  I would recommend her highly, not only to the facility I volunteer for, but for my friends and family who are in need of her service.
Jill E. – Manhattan, NY

A friend in need

A friend in need – Lost our family member, Bruiser, ridgebackrottweiler. Under the guise of poisoned in the backyard of our home. We called the A.S.P.C.A. For them to check his blood as well,cremate. Alice (don’t call her Ma’am) made her way through rush hour traffic from Gramercy Park to Prospect Park and stayed with us (Didn’t have to) till the end. MAY GOD BLESS ALICE in all of her endeavors!!!
Darlene & Keith Simmons Flatbush,Brooklyn, NY