Taxi for Cats

Cats are happy passengers too!

Alice and her Canine Car provide a safe, clean, animal friendly and much needed service. Alice is an excellent driver; she knows the city and its surroundings like the back of her hand. She is reliable and loves animals. What more could you and your furry friend need? Using Canine Car takes all the stress out of getting your pet where she/he needs to go! I always call Alice when I need a ride with my cat (despite the Canine in the name…cats are happy passengers as well!)

Two Dogs and a Cat at JFK

Great, accommodating, personable service!
I was coming from Ecuador with two German Shepherd dogs and a cat, meeting Alice and her Canine Car at JFK in Queens. My flight landed late, but Alice waited 45 minutes for me to arrive, and she found a way to fit the dog crates and the cat crate comfortably. She was courteous, and very open and friendly during transit, and kept up with my Palm pilot directions on the fly in Manhattan. I highly recommend this service to anyone needing to transport animals of any size with comfort and safety.
-Tod Emko