Pet Taxi NYC

My Go-to Car Service and Dog Watcher

Canine Car is my go to car service and dog watcher – I have a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Jack Russell Terrier as well as a parrot.  They are always very excited when I tell them that “Aunt” Alice is coming to fursit them.  We live in NJ so she sleeps at our house, feeds, plays and walks them at night and in the morning and then goes to work and does it all again for as many days as we need her to.  She is trustworthy and reliable and I don’t know what we would do without her!
Amy S. – Maplewood, NJ

True Love for Animals

I do volunteer work for a well known animal shelter and had the privilege of having Alice pick me up at a television station and return me to the shelter with precious cargo – 2 miniature poodles.  Not only was Alice reliable – getting to both locations early but, she has a true love for animals which is immediately apparent.  I have used other pet chauffeurs but really feel that Alice is the genuine item.  I would recommend her highly, not only to the facility I volunteer for, but for my friends and family who are in need of her service.
Jill E. – Manhattan, NY

Canine Car: Comfort + Luxury

Recently I used the Canine Car service for my Golden Retriever, Walley!! Walley enjoyed his ride to and from the Dog Hotel. Alice is such a wonderful person and Walley totally loved her!!
I also called Alice once on a very short notice (as there was no other means of transport for us at 9 pm at night) to pick up my dog (and me) from the Animal Medical Center and she came to our rescue- promptly!!
Canine Car is a great car service for dogs. I enjoyed the punctuality, friendliness and comfort+luxury (at a very reasonable price) while using Canine Car.
I am sure to call Alice as often as I need a ride anywhere for my Walley and I strongly recommend it to anyone who needs a car service for their dogs as well!