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I'll trust Alice with my dog anytime

Alice was absolutely wonderful! We recently adopted a very large dog last minute and called Canine Car and Alice squeezed us right in! She even showed up a little early to make sure we weren't standing in the rain in the case we finished the adoption process early (the adoption center was very small). Her car was a clean and new SUV with cookies on hand for our new family member. She hopped out to take a new family photo as well. 

It's really obvious that Alice loves what she does and dogs of all sizes. She's an EXTREMELY safe driver and I'd trust her with my dog anytime. We very much look forward to using her services again in the near future!

  • Ryan T., Manhattan, NY
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True Love for Animals

I do volunteer work for a well known animal shelter and had the privilege of having Alice pick me up at a television station and return me to the shelter with precious cargo – 2 miniature poodles.  Not only was Alice reliable – getting to both locations early but, she has a true love for animals which is immediately apparent.  I have used other pet chauffeurs but really feel that Alice is the genuine item.  I would recommend her highly, not only to the facility I volunteer for, but for my friends and family who are in need of her service.
Jill E. – Manhattan, NY

A friend in need

A friend in need – Lost our family member, Bruiser, ridgebackrottweiler. Under the guise of poisoned in the backyard of our home. We called the A.S.P.C.A. For them to check his blood as well,cremate. Alice (don’t call her Ma’am) made her way through rush hour traffic from Gramercy Park to Prospect Park and stayed with us (Didn’t have to) till the end. MAY GOD BLESS ALICE in all of her endeavors!!!
Darlene & Keith Simmons Flatbush,Brooklyn, NY

Canine Car and Alice: Above the Rest!

As a transport coordinator for the Mayor’ Alliance for NYC’s Animals we have many special needs for animals: emergencies from Animal Care & Control, medical,to and from events, everything you can imagine in a city that moves! And Alice moves effortlessly through the city: she has facilitated meet and greets to adoption, taken the injured to urgent care and driven her share of turtles, guinea pigs and birds to safety. Alice treats each one as though it were her own pet which sets her ears above the rest! Thank you, Alice, for years of dedicated service to the most needy New Yorkers!
Connie Shannon – MANYCA, Manhattan