Genuinely cares about me and my dog

Alice has been a life saver since my dog got injured! My dog is going through physical therapy so we have a lot of appointments and it's been a huge relief having someone I can trust to get us around. here are some things I've noticed/ experienced:

- last minute appointments- it definitely helps to schedule in advance, but she been really accommodating when I've had to call last minute to get a ride

- realistic expectations- in my experience, a lot of other pet taxis I've used will tell you they can be there in 5-10 minutes when it actually takes them 30 minutes, if it's going to take 30 then that's what Alice tells you it will take

- always arrives early or on time: I'm never stuck just waiting around

- genuinely cares about her customers (2 legged and 4 legged ones): I thought it was adorable when she took a photo of my pup when I got in for her contact list, offered her treats, and really tried to help keep her calm

- great follow up: my appointments can be a little irregular, but Alice always double checks with me if I need a ride when I forget to call her which has been really helpful when I'm being a little scatter brained ha

Overall, this service has exceeded my expectations