We are blessed to have found Alice and Canine Car

Heard about Canine Car through the “5 Star” reviews of other yelpers.. My wife and I felt in was a no lose situation to trust Alice/Canine Car with our much needed ride to our new apartment in Morningside Heights.. We emailed Alice for a quote from LaGuardia Airport to our apartment.. She responded promptly with a phone call to gather even more details.. She quoted us a month in advance $95 plus any applicable tolls on the way.. She booked us for the appointment once I had confirmed when we would be ready for a pick up and stayed in touch over the month. I called to confirm the night before taking off and also kept in touch through text message am to give updates on our flight statuses through connections from California to New York. Once we arrived, Alice quickly located us and had plenty of room for Tyrion (our 1 year old male Cocker Spaniel), 4 full sized checked luggage bags, 2 stuffed carry-ons, my wife, and myself.. We took off and seemed to be at our location within 20 minutes even with 2 police traffic detours.. Alice was VERY welcoming, caring, and professional with Tyrion and ourselves.. While stuck at traffic lights she would turn and talk to Tyrion to cheer him up after such a long cooped up flight in his crate. She would even give him treats to enjoy.. Once we arrived, we were just going to unload and my wife was going to grab our new keys from a place around the block. Alice caught on to our conversation and stuck with us, driving us around until we could locate where to pick up our apartment keys, which took another 30 minutes… She was AWESOME for that!!!! I would have been standing out in the rain waiting for my wife to return with the keys for that 30 minutes or more.. Even after all that the total was only $110 with a $15 toll added to the original quote of $95.. Canine Car is the best in New York!!!!! We looked everywhere before we moved and we are blessed to have found Alice and Canine Car!!!!!
Shaun P. – Riverside, CA